Summer Heat

by RedWater & Pillow Book



Full release August 8th (including cassettes). If you're interested in previews feel free to send a message.

Summer Heat is a mixtape inspired by the seemingly endless heat of summer. Conceptually designed as a complete day, each half holds the theme of either day or night. More information on each below.

Pillow Book - Waves and Radiation

I did a lot of walking this summer, much of which was done on very hot days. That's the idea behind about half of this. Most of the rest of this material was either variations or instrumental leftovers from the upcoming Pillow Book album, so keep an eye out for that.

RedWater - Nightlife/Dysphoria

Music for bad parties, sleepless nights, and watching too much of the new season of Twin Peaks. There's some very loud stuff in here. Fun for the whole family. Enjoy.


releases August 8, 2017




RedWater Logan, Utah

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